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Natalie is a people’s person first and foremost, which can be witnessed within her career as a dedicated Healing Practitioner, working both nationally and internationally and with special interest in Women’s Health services. She practices the Universal Medicine Therapies, which are complementary to medicine, and knows the great benefits for clients by the manner and style in which she supports them with this union.


It has been her genuine love, compassion, integrity and regard for her clients that has seen her continue to dedicate herself in a daily routine that offers unwavering support in correspondence with her growing international client base and further seeks to raise community awareness of the many concerns and issues affecting women and their health.


Natalie combines the art of Esoteric Philosophy and Bodywork as a complete package. Whereby Esoteric Philosophy is utilised in a way that can support the client to understand more clearly, and truly, the underlying causes of the emotional issues and or physical ailments that one is enduring, as well as the daily behaviours/interactions that are contributing to them.


Her sessions provide support to gain clarity through the emotional blockages, doubts or confusions that may be in the way of making a true change from the ills that a client is struggling with. These specialised treatments present the possibilities of a different way and or choice that can be made to bring about that true change.


In support of the above, the bodywork is then applied, as it is needed for each individual client. This enables a true integration of the body with the new clarity from the session to support the client steadily into the true changes of that potential new way of living -- with true vital health and a true well-being.


Complementary to Medicine
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