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Blogging: What is its Purpose?

Thought provoking?




Deep and Meaningful?


Good for SEO?

… what actually is the purpose of a blog?

I’ve been considering this question now that I have committed to the task, and it got me pondering about the subject and its popular use. Perhaps a blog IS truly designed to serve the above goals. Perhaps it is not. I mean, does anyone actually have a rule book or something on this self-made industry???

Authentic – yes! I got it. That’s what a blog is designed to make me feel, right? That I am reading the authenticity of someone, somewhere, about something? and not the cleverly stitched summation of words by media selling me products and concepts that by next season I will be told not to like, and or by those who are bound by the ‘print what sells’ culture.

It would appear that through self-publication online, such as in the form of blogs, we have discovered the reasonable solution to the otherwise worn-out option, whereby many have grown tired of a media you cannot trust to report on the truth of a subject or a product, without some otherwise bias or under-the-table profits.

But did we achieve that reasonable solution in its entirety?

We have been given a ‘free voice’ to a wider audience that was once only possible by the big media names. Now, anyone can become a someone, but the responsibility we thus carry about what we put out into the world-wide-web is yet to be grasped by all of us.

I mean, if we take an honest look, can we really say we have taken to self-publication responsibly?

On the surface, it appears we’ve gained access to so much more that is not ‘owned’ and hence gives the air of authenticity - read about life from the everyday person…

But what if we are, in no different means than the media giants we dislike, using this medium for self-agendas? Putting out into the internet our opinions, hate, racism, discrimination, lies, abuse, unresolved hurts, our emotions, our demands and desires…

The internet is our world-wide media, in which we are all the journalist, the chief-editor and the publisher. Are we filling the internet with only the true media we want to see and read?


- a medium with potential to bring the world the true voice of people.

What is the voice that you will contribute?

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