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by Iris Pohl

Visual Communication Specialist | Film Director & Producer

In 2014 I worked together with Natalie and other friends to create a music video clip of the song “Die Wunder in Mir”, an inspired translation of Michael Benhayon’s “The Woman I Am” which expresses the innate qualities and essence that belong to all women.


As we were in the middle of the "Die Wunder in Mir" production, I needed a sequence of a woman walking with an umbrella. One of the women was Natalie, and I directed her to walk with the umbrella towards and away from my camera in order to capture this movement and feature it in the music clip. And, while she was walking I started to notice something very unique.


At first, I couldn't quite see or grasp what it was exactly, so despite her cheeky protest I asked her to go several times up and down, so that I could study what it was, what has got me so mesmerized?


Later in the post-production and editing phase, I saw this whole segment in slow motion; this is a great way to break old habits of how we normally “see” and “view” things in life and allows for a different perspective to be experienced. Now I got it, I could understand more of what my fascination was truly about.


I could see that she was close with herself in every single moment and in every single movement. In my words I would say - she embodied her body. Is this the reason that she could feel so confident with herself? It looks very strong, and I thought it is no wonder that everybody can see how strong her self-worth is. But there was still more being unveiled for me to see.


As I observed her movements, I could feel and see a very self confident and independent woman. Yet, in the same time I could see how little tension is in her body, I saw it first in her wrists, while she was jumping. Could it be possible – strong and independent but not hard and tough?


Yes - because there is no holding back from the chest and no holding back in her shoulders and in her elbows. I could see she is very surrendered in her self….this is the delicateness that captured my attention to look more closely.


Normally, when I study people’s movements, I can always see that they have a purpose to go somewhere, it’s like an energy they put ahead of themselves, and sometimes I can observe an energy behind them. I have often wondered, if they were with their awareness in the past, thinking of something or being in the future, planning or thinking of what they were doing or going to do.


In the case of Natalie, I could only see the energy upright.

It seems like she enjoyed every single moment,

like every moment was perfect,

every moment, to be aware of it and herself.


I have to say, that’s why she is looking so sexy; the beauty of this woman I am observing is the energy of a strength and self worth in combination in being sexy and delicate.


And Guess What…

On several occasions whilst I was watching this video segment, I could surrender in my body more and more just by watching and observing it.


So, if I could see and feel it in her, it must be the same qualities that I have in my self.



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