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by Ariana Ray

UK, Registered Child Protection Social Worker

I work with teens everyday as a social worker, I see the traumas, problems and lifestyle’s they choose; in the world today they don’t know how to act, don’t know how to be with themselves, in fact they try their very best to get themselves out of it with drugs, self harming, excess gaming, drinking and anti-social behavior. This is what I witness in our upcoming next generation everyday. They live a relentless life in reaction to the world that does not support or engage them to be who they truly are, resulting in paths of self destruction and devastating families in the process.


I once believed it was all ‘doom and gloom’, until I had the experience of the teens Natalie has worked with who do not put themselves through these extremes of behavior – they go against this ill-trend.


Natalie Benhayon's support of teens has been like nothing else I have witnessed. Working with children/youth has been my career for over twenty-five years, I have seen all sorts of approaches and they generally all want a fast solution to a perceived 'problem.' Natalie Benhayon has turned this around and it's nothing to do with fast solutions, but actually engaging with young people to support them from the inside out.


I personally know many of the teens she has worked with, they are all extraordinary young people whose life has been inspired and touched by the role model Natalie is, which in my view has her redefining the meaning of this word.


For her a role model isn’t someone who looks good, puts on a good face and looks great in photo shoots, she is far more than that. She lives every word she speaks, all her wisdom is what she lives everyday, it’s not there to sound good, it is her lived experience and is a consistency of love that is unheard of in the world today. That is what is so different about her, she doesn’t falter, she doesn’t go out and get smashed on drugs and then talk to kids about not using them, she lives the truth she speaks everyday. She is a living wisdom.


On a more personal note - she has transformed my understanding of what it is to be a woman. Before I met Natalie Benhayon, if you had asked me what it is to be a woman, I would not have had a clue. I dressed like an androgynous being, hid my body with baggy clothes, never wanting anyone to see me. My relationships were a mess and I could not understand why my life was the way it was.


I went to her presentations for women and had one to one sessions with her when she was in the UK. She never once made me feel like I was wrong, a fool, stupid or less than her. Always it was a case of her presenting that everything she lived, I can live too, it’s a choice. She showed me by living the example, what a woman can be in the world. From her I learned the meaning of delicateness, tenderness and fragility, none of these being weaknesses, but being a powerful strength to carry us through in the world.


I have stopped hiding my body and show off my gorgeous curves, not afraid of walking into work or into the shopping mall with smoke coming off my shoes because I am so ‘hot’. So ‘hot’ I should combust, but I don’t, I just walk being me.


And that’s not typical words you would read from a 62 yr old woman!


If I had not had Natalie Benhayon in my life, I would never have written this. It is with Natalie’s inspiration and support that I gave up the self bashing and self-critical thoughts and behaviours that followed them. I would never had held myself with such value that I could consider I was so hot. With Natalie’s support I transformed the understanding and ideas I had around being a woman and so transformed my life. I am 62 years old. You would not consider that a young woman would have any understanding of what it is to be this age, but she is ageless, and thus understands perfectly.


Natalie's dedication to bringing everyone, regardless of age, the truth of the love we all are. It's awesome enough to adore her for it, and adore her everyone does.

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